Flamboyant, eccentric, charming and with a stunning voice!…Jeff Duff is one of the greatest entertainers Australia has produced.

Molly Meldrum

In a flamboyant and often controversial music career Jeff  has released twenty-seven albums including a recent album with members of legendary British rock band Deep Purple.

When Duffo took refuge in England in the eighties, he had, as they say, worn out his welcome in Australian rock. He was simply too much of a handful, this ‘waif with a wharfie’s voice!’ camping it up out front of his trail-blazing rock ensemble ‘Kush‘. At the time, Jeff’s androgynous stage persona, dressed in leotards, garish make-up and a touch of the operatics was considered far too outrageous for many Australian audiences.


Jeff  quickly established himself in the UK and became the darling of London’s new wave movement during the eighties staying one step ahead of his peers with his flamboyant performances. The exhibitionism and visual assault so integral to British punk culture could have been a sequence from Duffo’s own fertile imagination. Soon Andy Warhol was issuing forth his oft-quoted utterence: “Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye…and now Duffo” Duffo returned to Australia in the late eighties to re-introduce his powerful voice and unique style to the local scene. His recording and accompanying video of Lou Reed’sWalk on the Wildside‘ helped re-establish his career in oz and has become an Australian classic.


‘Spinning Wheel’ with Jeff Duff and the hottest musicians in town
Performing the very best of legendary American bands ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, and ‘Chicago’

Jeff Duff’s leading role in the Sc-Fi movie ‘Sons of Steel’ also won many plaudits for his comical portrayal of  ‘Secta’, a space-age scientist .

The movie has become a cult classic and is still being screened at major Film Festivals. A theatrical extravaganza called ‘Ground control to Frank Sinatra‘ which Jeff created and starred in, fused the music of Bowie with the music of Sinatra, became a huge hit with fans, selling out a season at the Opera House studio in 2005. Jeff’s recent lead role in ‘Genius’, the Ray Charles gospel show staged in Melbourne was acclaimed by critics.”Duff was truly magnificent!…How such an extraordinarily soulful voice can come out of such a skinny white guy is beyond me” [PBS FM Radio Melb] Jeff’s longtime admiration for David Bowie eventually led him to staging the first ‘Ziggy’ show in Australia in the nineties, and now the Bowie Unzipped band touring Australia.



“I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that, had Jeff Duff hailed from a country in the top half of the world, he could now be as acknowledged and acclaimed as David Bowie or Lou Reed or Iggy Pop”

“Jeff Duff is one of the most innovative and unique performers in this country”

“Jeff Duff is the blackest sounding white singer I have ever heard”

“Jeff Duff is one of Australia’s most original, talented and creative performers”

“It’s Bowie meets Lou Reed meets Roy Orbison meets Grand Opera”

“Outstanding arrangements, integrating the orchestral instruments in ways that are much more sophisticated than the usual ploy. Over it all climbed Duff’s big booming voice – truffle-rich, capable of arching over 16 surging instruments. The packed audience was enraptured”

“If ever there was a performer in this crazy industry who was innocence and knowing all in one, a perpetual outsider and a Peter Pan, it’s Jeff Duff. The contrast between that innocence and that booming, masculine baritone only makes his presence on stage the more striking, and that’s why angel wings that have adorned a lot of his publicity photos make a lot of sense too. A fallen angel perhaps and perhaps not. Maybe he’s a creation of Wim Wenders circa Wings of Desire and doesn’t it”

“Jeff Duff’s insanely beautiful talent and extraordinary skills as a composer/performer incorporate lyrical wit and magnificent vocals into a performance which is often and moving as it is entertaining”

“Jeff Duff Orchestra were amazing!…unreservedly recommended as perhaps the best night’s musical entertainment we’ve ever presented”

“Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye and now Duffo”



Jeff Duff Spinning Wheel Twin Towns
We Can Be Heroes