Keeping the David Bowie Legacy Alive

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

or one night only, We Can Be Heroes is a 24 piece symphony orchestra performing the music of David Bowie. You have never heard David Bowie’s music like this before! Featuring Jeff Duff on vocals along with Steve Gilbey (The Church) and Chris Cooke.

Jeff Duff Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel featuring the voice of Jeff Duff

The ground-breaking music of two of the greatest bands on the planet…in one unforgettable show! You’ll hear the Grammy award winning songs of ‘BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS’ and ‘CHICAGO’ in one hell of a show!

Ziggy starring Jeff Duff

Ziggy: 50 Years of Bowie 2019

From the futuristic ideology of the Ziggy Stardust album – Starman, Suffragette City, Rock’n’Roll Suicicide, Ziggy Stardust, through to the anthemic choruses for Heroes, Young Americans, Let’s Dance, then Under Pressure, Ashes to Ashes and…

Jeff Duff

New Years Message

Best fishes for the holiday season and the new year. Hopefully I’ll get to say hi to you at one of my many shows in 2019. I have quite a few Bowie shows coming up, including four ‘Ziggy’ shows at the Opera House on 14,15 & 16 June.

Jeff Duff

Jeff drops into Stuart Coupe’s FBI Radio Show

Ahead of the sold out show at Camelot Lounge on Friday 21st December, Jeff and two members of the Coney Island Babies, John Encarnacao and Bill Gibson dropped in for a chat and performed two live songs today with Stuart Coupe on FBI Radio!

From London to the Moon

Wild and permissive London in the late 1970s! What was it like to not only live there but be an integral part of its explosive punk and new wave scene. Many who experienced that madness are no longer here to recall the excitement and the excesses – but Sydney’s Jeff Duff has survived…

Ziggy Show

I’ve just returned home following our performance at the Bowie Symphony at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley on the weekend [Sat 15 Oct 2016] I was in heaven surrounded by the Australian Symphony Orchestra and the guys from the Ziggy band…

This Explains Everything

My autobiography has finally been published, titled ’This will explain everything’. Melbourne Books have invested loads of time, energy and expertise into producing one of the most stylish music books ever produced in Australia. A gold metallic cover with silver thread highlights the…

Jeff Duff playing Cricket

Duffo Bowling Demon!

Duffo above being carried off the ground last week following his ‘man of the match’ bowling performance. Jeff ended the day with great figures of 5 for 30 for his team Northbridge in Sydney.

Jeff Duff

Well Well

I was on the verge of playing the ‘Festival of Voices’ in Hobart, Tasmania in July when I last blogged. Pleased to report that our Hobart festival shows were wonderful with hundreds of Duffo-Bowie fans goin’ off their nuts!

Duffo does Bowie

I have been extremely busy since I posted my last Blog, mainly performing the Bowie Unzipped show. In the last few months the show has played concerts in Brisbane, Newcastle, Central Coast Sydney and Melbourne.

Links to Duffo gigs

My Bowie show plays Brisbane this coming weekend…we have a website specifically for the show Tony Bonney, who looks after Hobarts ‘Festival of Voices’ has contacted me re performing the music of Scott Walker at the festival…with a little Jacques Brel thrown in for good measure. Below is a link to a feature article […]

End of year blog

TO ALL DUFFO FANS…WISHING YOU ALL A COOL YULE! AND THE BEST 2015 A little catching up to do in regard my blog… Very excited about Bowie Unzipped show which is killing it live everywhere we play. We’ve just returned from playing sell out concerts in Melbourne at the Caravan Club. This really is one […]