5 July 2016

This Will Explain Everything

This Explains Everything

So much to report on since last blog…

My autobiography has finally been published, titled ’This will explain everything’. Melbourne Books have invested loads of time, energy and expertise into producing one of the most stylish music books ever produced in Australia. A gold metallic cover with silver thread highlights the stunning book cover.

The amazing book contains Jeff’s career in colourful photographs and is supported by entertaining chapters featuring escapades from duffs life. Order online via Melbourne Books.

I’ve been doing loads of media interviews including a couple of TV shows to chat about my life, my book on ’Studio Ten’ on the ten network  and ‘Today Extra’ on channel 7

Jeff’s love of Bowie continues with the addition of more ‘Bowie Unzipped’ shows around Australia. The recent shows have toured Queensland, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra, Victoria, Adelaide, Sydney, central and southern coasts of NSW.

Fans of Bowie are passionate, loyal and keep coming back for more… hence the success of ‘Unzipped’ and the recent ‘Ziggy’ shows.
Ziggy recently played huge sold out concerts including the Enmore Theatre, Concourse Theatre, Anitas Theatre….

Perhaps the most exciting news is that our Ziggy show will be performing a couple of shows with ‘Australian Symphony Orchestra’ .
‘Rock Symphony in the Vines’ is a concert staged at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley and it’s going to be huge.

A massive symphony orchestra combined with the Ziggy band featuring three of the most electrifying rock vocalists in Australia [hey, that includes me] Yes, Duffo, Steve Balbi and Brydon Stace front this extraordinary orchestra paying homage to the one and only David Bowie.

It’s all happening in October, tickets available from ticketmaster.com.au
There will also be another Ziggy show in the same week at the Opera House.


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